About P6©

Professional 6© was the outcome of a 2 year research project by Simon Tate, designed to discover the common areas of risk in B2B sales transactions; that if identified, could help professional sales people close more deals and in a more predictable manner. The concept of the “Risk Lens” came alive when it was proven over more than 10,000 back tested transactions, across 8 vertical industries, 6 geographies and almost every variant of company size, that there are only 6 areas of risk in any / every deal. It was also discovered that the 6 areas of risk have 3 logical pairs and so Simon set about building a Risk Management Methodology (RMM) that every Business to Business (B2B) Sales person, regardless of industry could use.

The project was initially born out of frustration of having to use antiquated and labour intensive sales methodologies that did not resemble the modern era of professional selling, nor did they cater for the salesperson, but rather sales management instead. It also became obvious that even those companies that had invested in Sales Process and / or a Forecasting methodology, without the ability to manage deal related risk, accurate pipeline progression is near impossible.

The project’s remit was simple; how to create a tool that a Professional Sales person could use to do a deal review with any internal stakeholder in less than 5 minutes by identifying the weighting of the 6 areas of risk, creating an action plan to mitigate the risk and never missing a forecast !

The Result ?; 96% accuracy across more than 10,000 deals and now hundreds of professional sales people across the world using P6©.

The Purpose

The purpose of P6© is simple; to create a world of better Sales people !

But to make the world a better place, we need to give back to our communities as a way of giving thanks for a profession, that for most, has served us well. P6© gives 1% of our profit back to our communities. P6© is doing good, whilst doing well ! Join our certified training agencies in a volunteering initiative, bring your sales people along, give back and be better !

The P6© Story