The P6 live or virtual classroom training is offered by our network of certified partners. Please get in touch with us for the best recommended partner for your particular needs.

All of our partners are focused on working with global companies in the area of sales productivity and enablement. Their experienced facilitator networks across the America’s, EMEA and Asia Pacific, can deliver the P6 content in local language.

P6 can be delivered as a stand-alone, single or multi-day program, or in conjunction with other complementary Sales enablement and productivity related courses.

For e-learning, P6 is offered exclusively on the Sales IQ training platform. Attendees of the P6 course on the Sales I.Q platform, will be able to consume refresher courses for any of the P6 modules on Sales IQ and complete a case study to hone their skills on risk management. Students of Sales I.Q will earn their P6 certificate and gain access to other important Sales I.Q courseware related to Sales Excellence.

P6 is also available for download from Google Play or Apple App Store on subscription. The mobile is also used as the training aid for the e-learning course on Sales I.Q.

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Contact the creator of P6, Simon Tate, directly on LinkedIn at the link below if you would like further information or an introduction to one of our partners.